Selected papers (preliminary list)

Final acceptance of papers is conditional to:
- compliance with requested changes in referee reviews;
- registration of at least one author by the deadline of July 6, 2009.

A discrete lambda-medial axis John Chaussard, Michel Couprie, Hugues Talbot Poster
Discrete versions of Stokes’ theorem based on families of weights on hypercubes Gilbert Labelle, Annie Lacasse Poster
A linear time and space algorithm for detecting path intersection Srečko Brlek, Michel Koskas, Xavier Provençal Oral
A Novel Algorithm for Distance Transformation on Irregular Isothetic Grids Antoine Vacavant, David Coeurjolly, Laure Tougne Poster
An Improved Coordinate System for Point Correspondences of 2D Articulated Shapes Adrian Ion, Yll Haxhimusa, Walter G. Kropatsch Oral
An Improved Marching Triangle Polygonization Algorithm for Surface Reconstruction from Discrete Distance Transform Marc Fournier, Jean-Michel Dischler, Dominique Bechmann Poster
Appearance Radii in Medial Axis Test Mask for Small Planar Chamfer Norms Jérôme Hulin, Edouard Thiel Oral
Arithmetization of a circular arc Aurélie Richard, Guy Wallet, Laurent Fuchs, Eric Andres , Gaëlle Largeteau-Skapin Oral
Border Operator for Generalized Maps S. Alayrangues, S. Peltier, G. Damiand, P. Lienhardt Poster
Characterization of simple closed surfaces in Z^3: A new proposition with a graph-theoretical approach Rémy Malgouyres, Jean-Luc Toutant Poster
Christoffel and Fibonacci Tiles Alexandre Blondin Massé, Srečko Brlek, Ariane Garon, Sébastien Labbé Oral
Computing Homology: A Global Reduction Approach David Corriveau, Madjid Allili Poster
Convergence of binomial-based derivative estimation for C^2 noisy discretized curves Henri-Alex Esbelin, Rémy Malgouyres Poster
Decomposing cavities in digital volumes into products of cycles A. Berciano, H. Molina-Abril, A.M. Pacheco, P. Pilarczyk, P. Real Poster
Digital Deformable Model Simulating Active Contours François de Vieilleville, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud Oral
Distances on Lozenge Tilings Olivier Bodini, Thomas Fernique, Eric Rémila Oral
Efficient Lattice Width Computation in Arbitrary Dimension Emilie Charrier, Lilian Buzer, Fabien Feschet Oral
Ellipse detection with elemental subsets Peter Veelaert Oral
Exact, scaled image rotation using the Finite Radon Transform Imants Svalbe Oral
Fully Parallel 3D Thinning Algorithms Based on Sufficient Conditions for Topology Preservation Kálmán Palágyi, Gabor Nemeth Poster
Grey level estimation for discrete tomography K.Joost Batenburg, Wim van Aarle, Jan Sijbers Oral
Jordan curve theorems with respect to certain digital topologies on Z^2 Josef Slapal Oral
Lower and Upper Bounds for scaling factors used for Integer Approximation of 3D Anisotropic Chamfer Distance Operator Didier Coquin, Philippe Bolon Poster
Minimal Offsets that Guarantee Maximal or Minimal Connectivity of Digital Curves in nD Valentin Bimkov, Reneta Barneva, Boris Brimkov Poster
Multi-Scale Discrete Geometry Mouhammad Said, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud and Fabien Feschet Poster
Multivariate Watershed Segmentation of Compositional Data Michael Hanselmann, Ullrich Köthe, Bernhard Y. Renard, Marc Kirchner, Ron M.A. Heeren, Fred A. Hamprecht Oral
On the connecting thickness of arithmetical discrete planes Eric Domenjoud, Damien Jamet, Jean-Luc Toutant Poster
On-line Recognition of Digital Arcs Tristan Roussillon, Isabelle Sivignon, Laure Tougne Poster
Optimal Partial Tiling of Manhattan Polyominoes Olivier Bodini, Jérémie Lumbroso Poster
Patterns in discretized parabolas and length estimation Alain Daurat, Mohamed Tajine, Mahdi Zouaoui Oral
Pixel Approximation Errors in Common Watershed Algorithms Hans Meine, Ullrich Köthe, Peer Stelldinger Oral
Quasi-Affine Transformation in Higher Dimension Valentin Blot, David Coeurjolly Oral
Simple Points and Digital Deformable Models for Multi-Label Images Alexandre Dupas, Guillaume Damiand, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud Poster
Solving some instances of the two color problem S. Brocchi, A. Frosini, S. Rinaldi Oral
Surface sketching with a voxel-based skeleton Jean-Luc Mari Poster
The 1-color problem and the Brylawski model S. Brocchi, A. Frosini, S. Rinaldi Poster
The <3,4,5> curvilinear skeleton Carlo Arcelli, Gabriella Sanniti di Baja, Luca Serino Oral
Thinning algorithms as multivalued N-retractions Carmen Escribano, Antonio Giraldo, Maria Asuncion Sastre Oral
Topology-preserving thinning in 2-D pseudomanifolds Nicolas Passat, Michel Couprie, Loïc Mazo, Gilles Bertrand Oral
Two linear-time algorithms for computing the minimum length polygon of a digital contour Xavier Provençal, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud Oral
Universal spaces for $(k,\overlin{k})$-surfaces J.C. Ciria, E. Dominguez, A.R. Frances, A. Quintero Oral
Vanishing Point Detection with an Intersection Point Neighborhood Frank Schmitt, Lutz Priese Poster